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5 Traits of a Leader Worth Following

By Brandon Schaefer March 6, 2020

What makes a compelling and contagious leader? There are many intangible traits to consider. However, we believe these 5 are essentials for anyone desiring to lead well.


5 Traits of a Leader Worth Following:


1. Have a good SENSE of what’s going on.  

Solid leaders are in tune with both the challenges and opportunities of the organization. They are never out of touch or aloof. They are present and engaged. This helps them to make relevant and wise decisions, which then instills trust within their employees.

2. SETTLE within the organization.

Business is always moving towards chaos and complexity. This is why we need leaders who bring vision, direction, discipline, priorities and model healthy communication. Impulsive moves, panic, gossip and negativity are not tolerated. Clarity and focus keep everything running smoothly.

3. Always willing to SACRIFICE.

Great leaders are committed to the “behind the scenes” work that needs to be done. They accept it as a part of their job and see it as their responsibility. Showing-up early, being prepared, doing the grunt work is all a part of their heart to help others and see the organization succeed.

4. A desire to SERVE.  

“How can I help? What do you need from me?” These are the questions that leaders need to ask to help equip team members and empower them to do their job. Team members want to know they have the support and buy-in of their boss.

5. An identity that’s SURRENDERED.  

Great leaders are comfortable in their own skin. There’s no pretense, insecurity or posturing. They know who they are and what they are called to do. Since their identity is secure, they’re free to admit mistakes, live into their strengths and ask for help as needed. This relaxes those around them and frees others up to be themselves as well.


Which area can you best identify with?

At Five Capitals, our coaches find most are good at three of the five. Take time to pinpoint your area of weakness, ask those around you for feedback and put together a plan to grow.

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