Five Capitals Strategic Planning Sheets

By Brandon Schaefer January 11, 2016

The New Year is here and like so many other years you probably have goals, resolutions, and plans you want to see achieved.

  • Maybe you finally want to save for that getaway cruise with your spouse?
  • Maybe you’ve decided to check out the new Crossfit gym that just opened up down the street?
  • Maybe you are going to start that business you’ve been talking about for years?

Whatever “it” is, we understand that all the passion in the world often doesn’t translate to actually getting yourself from point A to B. Therefore, we have created Strategic Planning Sheets to make it even easier for you to reach your goals, and implement the changes you desire to see in the months ahead.

In the Five Capitals Strategic Planning Sheets you will find:

Prioritizing Worksheet

This walks you through five key areas to think through as you intentionally plan your year. Including what you’re called to, who to invest in, how to change, and where to grow. Fill out your plan, share it with others and get going.

Calendaring Exercise

We’ve given you a “blank month” to think through your ideal rhythms and priorities. You can then adapt this ideal schedule each month, as well as reflect on how you did and allowing yourself to make adjustments in the months to come.

We hope this resource is a helpful tool for you to see your 2016 goals become a reality!

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