How to Ensure Momentum in Your Business

By Brandon Schaefer March 20, 2020

Remember those New Years resolutions you made in January? How are you doing on your goals? Have you kept any of them? Whether it's a yes or a no, let's take a moment to rest, reflect, and recalibrate on them to regain momentum with them again. 

Here are 5 categories to help ensure you go forward with more momentum on the goals you set out to accomplish:


1. Discern Key Takeaways

Great leaders reflect on the events which have transpired since the first of the year. Give yourself time to step back and observe: What are your key learnings from the year so far? What’s gone well? What has been frustrating? Consider both your personal and your professional life.


2. Look at the Calendar

Too often we start writing out our priorities without fully grasping the reality of the last part of the year. As you look at your calendar, evaluate: When are you traveling? Going on vacation? Is it a busy season? Consider your areas of focus “in light” of your schedule, not in “absence of it.”


3. Prioritize “The Best”

We are coming up on summer and you already have a lot going on. Take time to choose two priorities for your personal life and two for your professional life, then go for it.


4. Think Holistically

When the word “priority” is mentioned we tend to think of the “what” that needs to be done. However, it’s important to also think about the “who” we need to invest in and what that will look like. Who do you need to focus on in the months to come and how can you intentionally make them a priority?


5. Hold Yourself Accountable

Draw in your key people and close friends to walk through your end of the year goals in order to keep you on track. They might have some helpful feedback as it relates to the what and who you are pursuing.


Doing these 5 things will help you regain momentum both within your business and your personal life. 


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