Please Send Someone Else

July 19, 2021

Here’s a great post from Five Capitals Coach, Cory Carlson. You can follow his blog here

Sometimes I just want to hide.

Just stay in my office with the door shut.

Just clean up my email inbox.

Just fiddle around with a spreadsheet.


Some days I am tired.

However some days I am scared.

Scared of what? Success? Failure?

Moses was just told he was the chosen leader.

How cool is that?!?

Yet he says, ‘please send someone else’ in Exodus [4:13].

He got scared.

All of us get scared from time to time.

Scared of the hard work ahead.

Scared of failure.

Scared of success.

Scared of getting uncomfortable.

However that is where the growth happens.

Where are you playing scared?

Where are you being timid?


Don’t ask to send someone else.

It’s your turn.

For me, I need to launch a program but I have been timid due to the work load involved – yet it will be great on the other side!

Let’s go!