The Five Priorities (A Leadership Framework)

By Ben Redmond May 3, 2021

Great leaders have great priorities. While this sound byte might seem painfully obvious, we encounter leaders every day who cannot readily identify the things that are most important to them. Last week I was on a call with a highly successful yet highly frustrated leader. As I listened to him talk about the struggles he was facing, it was an all too familiar scenario:

  • He was working 80+ hours a week, but still not getting where he wanted to go.
  • He was struggling to connect meaningfully with his family. 
  • He was tired.
  • He had so many creative ideas for his business, but he didn’t have the margin to develop or execute them. 

Maybe you have felt one or more of the tensions mentioned above in your own life? The good news is that you are not alone. Leadership is hard, and the whole thing can feel like an overwhelming balancing act. Here is some even better news: It doesn’t have to be this way. Some leaders have figured out how to build the life they want on a set of intentional priorities. In his upcoming book, The Prioritized Leader, Five Capitals founder and CEO Brandon Schaefer outlines the plan for living a prioritized life. 

Over the next five weeks, we are going to give you a sneak peek into the five priorities. We have seen powerful transformation take place in the lives of leaders who have aligned and adjusted their priorities. We are excited to share these with you, and we know you will see the difference that comes when you live with your priorities in order.

To get us started - here’s a free gift for you! Click the link below to download your copy of the Five Priorities overview sheet.

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