The Impact Equation

By Ben Redmond August 3, 2021

Having impact in the world will most likely require you to add something to your equation...and it won't be what you want.

A dream PLUS some discipline that pushes and stretches you


Some passion PLUS some hard work that no one will acknowledge


Some celebration PLUS some failure that you didn't see coming


Some promises PLUS some character to back them up


Some risk-taking PLUS some patience when things take longer than expected


People love to talk about having impact and making a difference.  It's in social media posts everywhere. However, impact rarely begins with the dream, the passion, the celebration, the promise or the risk-taking.  Impact begins with discipline, hard work, failure, character, and patience.  


It begins when your desire to change the world trumps your need to be recognized for that desire.


So start on the second half of the equation...and know that the first half will take care of itself.


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