Creating a Balanced Work-Home Life Over the Holidays

By Cory Carlson December 9, 2019

Four years ago, my family and I went to Breckinridge, CO for Christmas and rented a large house with my siblings, their kids, and my parents. The week was set up for an incredible time – for everybody else.

I, on the other hand, worked a lot that Christmas week from a back room in the house. At the time, I was President of Sales for a national contractor and we had numerous projects going on around the country. One of them was not going well.

I was working hard to be a great leader for my sales team. However, this extra work took me away from something I needed even more that year, rest and relationships. The irony is my team would have probably been better off if I also got the rest and relationships. The year was very busy with work and I needed to just rest and have fun. Also, the travel that year had me away from my family, so I should have been spending time with my family and investing in my relationships.

Like most of us, my heart was in a good place to work hard and be a provider for my family, but my priorities were such that I was putting work before my family. 

At Five Capitals we want to help you win at both home and work this Christmas season. My book, Win at Home First, contains tools that I learned and implemented to reprioritize my own life. At Five Capitals, we also use these concepts with our clients to help them do the same. It is working. Forbes Magazine said Win at Home First is “one of seven books everyone on your team should read.”


Click here to download the first chapter of Win at Home First for free today! 


Here are 3 best practices from the book to consider this holiday season:

  1. Rest: You have worked hard this year. Take time to rest and catch up. We find that rest allows leaders to come back recharged and energized to lead well. I assume 2020 has bigger goals than 2019, so you are going to need to be a better leader in 2020.
  2. Reflection: You had some great things that happened in 2019, as well as some not-so-great things. To have growth and transformation, then we must learn from both our highs and lows of the year. Otherwise, we remain the same. So what did you learn from 2019?
  3. Relationships: Your family needs you this holiday season. Your care, your love, your curiosity, your laugh. Invest in your family this Christmas season.

We hope the next few weeks of intentionality will set you up for a strong finish to 2019 and great launch into 2020.

To learn how to put these 3 best practices to work in your life, download the first chapter of Win at Home First for free or contact us for a free discovery session 


Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from everyone at Five Capitals.




Cory Carlson

Director of Business Development 

Five Capitals

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